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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  October 7, 2014 7:00am-9:01am EDT

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. good morning, america. and breaking right now, severe storms affecting millions. golf ball-size hail, pelting homes and cars. back yards completely iced over. power cut off to thousands as a new powerful storm heads north. and breaking overnighting with the two ebola patients fighting for their live preponderates experimental drugs that could be their hope. and the first infected by the virus outside of africa. personal foul. a laser pointed by someone in the stands into the eyes of a player in the nfl game. a dangerous new tactic that could change the game ♪ it's not unusual perfect tens, it's the dance
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that america has been waiting for since dancing kicked off the season. alfonso bringing back the carlton. not unusual, just sensational. this morning, why he waited until now. we know you're smiling just like we are after that. alfonso saide would break out the carlton at some point in the season. last night was the night. >> right when he needed it, four perfect tens. he inspired michael this morning. >> it never gets old. >> no, it doesn't. >> i love it. a lot more of that coming up. start with the severe storms. large hail, strong winds, over 60 miles an hour, moving fast. >> and this right here shows you what was happen. this is mississippi. that is not snow. that is a backyard full of hail. so that's a warm weather
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phenomenon. but popping up, more than 70 reports from the deep south to the mid-south. texas to ohio. severe storms blasting backyards. in kentucky, hail up to 2 inches. in some spots, enough to fill buckets. stripping branches. debris flying through the air. from golf-ball sized to too dense to drive. storms giving a beautifully dangerous light show in little rock. near houston, winds up to 50 miles per hour knocking out power to thousands. trees toppling, killing the driver of this suv. an energetic day in the atmosphere from kentucky to tennessee down into parts of mississippi, alabama. but the elevated risk is actually in place for atlantic city, new york city, all of long
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island, up to providence, rhode island. so an area that we don't see, especially that often getting this, strong winds and hail and even of course the chance of a brief tornado. we have much more coming up on this in the nation's weather. back to you. >> thank you. now to the new developments in the ebola crisis, and the two men fighting the deadly virus in u.s. hospitals. the patient in texas is receiving an experimental drug as president obama announces plans to step up passenger screenings both overseas and here in the u.s. abc's cecilia vega joins from dallas. good morning. >> reporter: the drug being given to the critically ill man is a real experiment. there's no data to suggest it work on animals yet. the struggle, not just here in dallas. there are two ebola patients fighting for their lives in two american cities.
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in nebraska, the latest american to arrive from africa for treatment on u.s. soil. video journalist ashoka mukpo landing monday morning wearing a hazmat suit as he walked off the plane and headed had an isolation unit. he may have gotten it when helped to disinfect a car someone died in. >> he looked strong. waved to us. he was ten thattive and frightened. >> reporter: now two nurses by his side at all times. his vitals around the clock. whether he will get experimental drugs unknown. the drug given to american aid workers dr. kent brantley and nancy right boll has run out. >> i begged him, don't go, but there was nothing to do.
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>>. >> reporter: in dallas, administering an experimental ebola-fighting drug over the weekend to thomas eric duncan after his condition worsened. it's never been tested on humans until now. >> theoretically it may make a difference. but it's experimental. >> reporter: and another diagnose, the first person to contract the disease outside west africa. a spanish nurse in a hospital near madrid who treated a missionary who died from ebola is now a patient herself. highlighting the danger of the disease spreading not only in poorly-equipped west african clinics, but more sophisticated hospitals. this as officials here hope to temper fears and keep the virus cane contained. >> we don't have an outbreak. we have one event that's being handled properly. >> reporter: and we know the hospital workers are being closely monitored. same for a handful of other
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people with close contact. good news is no sign of symptoms for any of them. >> thank goodness. and now the war on i.c.sis e at home. a chicago teenager arrested before he could board a plane to the middle east to join the terror group. good morning, pierre. >> reporter: it's becoming a pattern. another u.s. citizen accused of trying to get to syria to join those isis killers. the fbi say this is 19-year-old from a small suburb of chicago was trying to join isis at the very moment the radicals were threatening to execute fellow american peter kassig. they were in tears as they left the court on monday. khan has been charged with providing support to terrorists. arrested at o'hare airport, trying to board to austria with a connecting flight to turkey. from there, smuggled into syria to join isis.
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finding home-grown radicals is a top priority for the fbi. they can be supporting jihadists overseas or here at home. >> and as the boston bombings illustrate, it's home-grown extremists. some call them lone wolfs. i think that's too much dignity. i think of them as lone rats. >> reporter: it is clear that isis is using the internet to effectively recruit in the u.s. according to the charges, khan met online an overseas operative to get to syria. they found a three-page letter laying out his hatred. he wrote western societies are more immoral day by day, producing what he called, filth. the fbi said more than 100 americans have gone or tried to go to syria. the government is cracking down. this young man faces up to 15 years in prison.
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>> thanks very much. good morning. and we begin with a bombshell on wall street. employees at several big banks could be facing criminal charges. this morning t"the new york times" says they are looking at the top financial institutions in a scheme to manipulate the currently market and make money off changes. and veterans hospitals, the v.a. fired four senior executives. among them, the director of the pittsburgh v.a. hospital where six patients died from legi legionnaires' disease. and monday's decision by the supreme court rejecting appeals of states trying to ban gay marriage will settle the issue in 30 states. two-thirds of same-sex couples in the u.s. will soon be allowed to married. for now it's unsettled in the rest of the country. caught an surveillance
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camera in miami. a speeding car crashes into this outdoor restaurant. dazed customers scrambling out of the wreckage. ten people were injured. the driver said he simply lost control. and from louisiana, a truck hauling a crane gets stuck on the tracks and is slammed by a train. look at that. that couldn't stop in time. 19 train cars derailed. two people suffered minor injuries. the truck driver had jumped to safety in the nick of time. olympic star michael phelps has been suspended from swimming for six months following his latest dui arrest. and lose funding from the usa swimming organization until april. fe he is entering a treatment program. and finally a top honor from the team. robin has accepted the walter cronkite award for outstanding courage. she oke about the importance of family and the role of her
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sister, herself a long-time broadcaster, and how she played in her success. >> she allowed me to tag along with her at the station and ask stupid questions and not make me feel that i was stupid. and give me the desire and the hope and the belief that i could do what i am doing now. and then to be my bone marrow donor, to give me life. is just the most amazing thing that i could ever express to you in saying thank you. and i know you give all praise -- >> and then another tribute to robin. a standing ovation from the crowd. so, robin, i'm giving you -- thank you. >> that's very sweet. don't get up, george. stay seated, george. i'm kidding. thank you very much for that. it was wonderful having my sister there. tom, our former e.p., john walsh from espn.
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and the honor to follow in the footsteps of so so many. diane sawyer won that award. >> sitting here next to you every day is like being in a master's class. >> bless your heart. >> you're amazing and congratulations. >> and you stood up too. thank you. we have to give him a hard time. >> even if i stood up i wouldn't be taller than you. >> bless your heart. bless you. all right. we move on now to new problems for pro football. this time it involves fans in the stands. the buffalo bills complained to nfl security officials that someone pointed a laser during the game on sunday. mara schiavocampo has the story. >> reporter: lasers are dangerous, capable of causing permanent damage if shined into the eyes. they can be distracting as two buffalo bills players recently
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found out. there's more to this 50-yard misfire than meets the eye. watch again. this time, look at bill's holder colton schmidt. that green light, a laser. and schmidt saying that light caused the kicker to miss a field goal attempt during sunday's game against the detroit lions. and bill's quarterback kyle orton after this blown pass. appealing to the ref, pointing to his eyes. both players claiming someone in the stands was directly targeting them with a laser. >> we reported it, and nfl security did a good job. but he was all fired up. >> reporter: in a statement, the nfl says we are investigating the matter after the bills fired a complaint over what athletes are saying is a blinding distraction. how important to see clearly? >> it's really important. vision is everything.
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you have to be -- to hit a target, you have to be looking tat. that would affect your ability to compete. >> reporter: and we learned that a fan with a laser pointer can be anywhere in the stands. it can travel far. we set up app test. this light is shining from an entire football field away. though lasers have been banned since 1998 at all nfl stadiums, incidents like this continue to happen. unsportsmanlike conduct that could hurt the sport. >> we don't want fans having a direct impact on the game, shining powerful lights in peoples eyes and stopping them from doing the job on the field. >> reporter: luckily for the bills, this kick was laser-free and laser-sharp, winning the game. that laser fan has not been found. i have one of the lasers here with me. they are very small, easy to sneak in and out of a stadium
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even though they're totally banned. >> and a good reason they are banned. other than this, michael, this is one instance, do you realize what fans are doing? can they be a distraction? >> oh, yeah. they are throwing snowballs, ice inside. >> right. >> different things -- you definitely recognize that. it's one thing to be cheered or booed, but that throws you off the game. >> and as players you don't want any help like that. >> no. we don't want to -- well, some guys would like to help you drink your beer. but we don't do that either. don't affect the field, we won't affect your opportunity as a fan to watch the game. hope your team is good enough to win without you. and a new study on hands-free technology. we know not to text and drive. but this study shows that the devices to keep our eyes on the road may be distracting us. >> reporter: it's the hands-free
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technology to keep you focused on drive. >> call home. >> calling. >> reporter: but a new aaa report out this morning claims that these types of products, offered by a variety of car makers, may increase drivers' mental distraction. >> they are stealing attention from the driver so they're not paying attention to the road. >> reporter: researchers from the university of utah tested voice-activated systems from vehicles with six different auto makers. reviewing two of the most popular commands. first, changing the music. >> play cd. >> tuning to a.m. 850. >> reporter: and the second -- voice dialing. >> call john dough. >> calling donna. >> reporter: they found the less accurate the system, the more distracted the driver. toyota's was the least distracting, earning the lowest cognitive distraction score of
7:16 am
1.7. about the same as listening to a book on tape. >> whatever i would say, it got it right the first time. >> reporter: as for the most distracting, researchers found that in chevrolet's system. chevrolet telling abc news the singular study looks at cognitive functioning with no correlation to increased crash risk. paula faris, alasbc news, new y. >> concentrate on the driver. >> yes. and you have some story. >> crews racing to save a para dplieder who crashed into a glifside in san diego. stuck there and holding on for life. linzie janis has the story. >> reporter: take a look at this dramatic video. dangling off a california cliff, clinging on for his life. >> i saw and heard the thud. and he hit kind of a sheer face wall. >> reporter: the 47-year-old man
7:17 am
crashed into the bluffs just after 3:00 sunday afternoon. >> he slid probably ten or 15 feet down on to a small ledge. and he stayed on that ledge for quite a while. he wasn't saying any words. it was just yelling and screaming. >> reporter: officials raced to the scene. worried the wind would pick up and carry the man away, still attached to his glider. >> that's always a risk. because if the wind picks up, it can move the para glider, and the patient. don't that to happen. >> reporter: san diego fire and rescue used in helicopter to reach the glider. they attached the injured man to a rescue bag, air-lifting him to safety. adventurer taken to the hospital, complaining of back and hip pain. but this morning, the onlookers thankful he landed on the small ledge. >> if he was higher up or just a little bit low than what he was,
7:18 am
he would have gone down. >> lucky he slid down and landed on the shelf to rest and wait for help. >> michael, thanks. now to the tropical system in the pacific, set to bring heavy rain and flooding to the southwest. >> we have been talking. this is like a record. just over and over in the southwest. and i have to show you when and how it's going to happen. now we're watching what's left of simon go other baja, and through the day. it's 8 inches of rain. but up in the southwest, especially parts of arizona, a plume of moisture we're watching. when you see this, and 2 plus inches in the red area. it does not mean that every single person under the red gets 2 inches. storms within there could produce 2 inch-plus rainfall rates. more than 20 degrees above average in some places. your local weather forecast 30 seconds away, but first the tuesday trivia brought to you by aarp.
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, a chancecloudy skies for couple of sprinkles here or there, inside the district and into prince george's county, most of us are on the dry side to late today as we take a look at an hour by hour forecast. 60 now with sunny breaks midday, 1:00, 76 with a few showers late this afternoon
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>> i love how when we were in north florida it was almost tieing a record. jacksonville today going to 85. very nice for you. >> what exactly did you do yesterday? >> bungee ziplining. >> i thought that's what i saw. >> i want to do a flip next time. >> oh! >> next time, oh. she loves that adventure. thanks, ginger. >> thank you. and the mysterious death of a young florida mom. why thing her boyfriend, a sheriff's deputy killed her. and why did a bear end up in the middle of new york city?
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>> good morning, everyone. let's get right to jack taylor in the traffic center. what a mess this morning. how is it looking?
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>> problems on wayne road towards falls church, the lot -- the right lane is still blocked, but now at least they have got the left lane getting by. southbound on route one on this will take, hours to fix. topside of the beltway, solid 95, inbound there had been a crash on main avenue that was gone and this is just a residual delay. it has got to get better. the weather will be nice, yes? >> we have light showers moving through early this morning as the roads dry out. temperatures are much warmer than yesterday. we will see a return of the showers later today and into tonight with temperatures in the upper 70's with clouds and sun breaks at time.
7:28 am
lows in the 50's, a forecast for wednesday and thursday in the low 70's. jennifer? jacqui. you so much, happening right now, anne arundel police are searching for a school bus that was told from the-- that was stolen from crownsville area. that there were no children on the bus. police ask that if you see it, call 911. next news update. 7:56.
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♪ ♪ it's not unusual that was the moment on "dancing with the stars" last night. everyone waiting for it. alfonso breaking out the carlton. going back to the fresh prince. earning perfect tens. and betsey johnson, pulling out all the stops. alas, not enough to save them. off last night, flew all across the country to be with us live here this morning. good morning, america. >> we look forward to seeing them later. and also this morning, the strange and baffling discovery in central park. the mystery with the bear cub in the middle of new york city. >> strange. plus so many of us are drinking our morning coffee right now to get our day going. now new research that may explain your cravings, and why
7:31 am
it may be genetic. is jesus hollywood's biggest star? it's getting heat. and begin with one family's crusade to show michelle mcconnell nel was murdered. it was originally a suicide. but they believe that her boyfriend, a sheriff's deputy, killed her. matt gutman is following the case. >> reporter: he was a sheriff's deputy when he made this frantic call in 2010. and today he is still a deputy in st. john's county, florida, despite persistent allegations from her family and friends that michelle o'connell's death may not have been a kds suicide, but a homicide. >> the facts of the case did not support suicide. >> reporter: now after four years, a huge development. florida governor rick scott appointing ing ing a special pr
7:32 am
to look into the case. this was a month after a bombshell accusation. bar owner, danny harmon, said he came to the bar the night after her death, making some unsettling remarks. >> he wasn't going to let that b word hold him back anymore. >> reporter: his attorney says he never spoke to him. >> my client was nowhere near that place. >> reporter: an abc news investigation says that a secondary wound on her face was inconsistent with suicide because she would have had to hold the gun upside down. >> you held it upside down, what happened to you? >> i set up the charge to fire it, the slide came back and -- oh, that hurt. >> reporter: the o'connell family claiming it was a conflict of interest for banks' sheriff's office colleagues to investigate her death. >> they normally wound investigate their own body.
7:33 am
thank for being here. >> reporter: on monday, a vigil for o'connell. another reason to not commit suicide, her 4-year-old daughter, alexis. >> she has days and reaches up to the sky and cries and begs for her mom. >> reporter: no one has been arrested in the case. and the sheriff's office stands bit investigation. we tried to reach out to banks and his attorney, they are not fearful of the investigation. this has been an open and shut case. it's certainly open again. >> and bring in dan abrams for more. the sheriff's office standing bit information. but there were problems with it. >> there was no question they too quickly determined it was a suicide. they may have decided that at a later point. they didn't collect evidence in the way they should have to at least better rule out the possibility of a homicide. >> what could they have looked more closely at? >> collected my evidence,
7:34 am
interviewed more witnesses. there are a number of things that are really important. number one, two different neighbors say that they heard screams that night. he says there was no fight. if there were screams, that's a big problem for him. number two, in matt's piece, she was right-handed. and the gun would have been to have been fired with the left hand to commit suicide in an awkward way. and the cut on her eye. there was no evidence of a struggle, et cetera, but there was a cut on her eye that it now seems may have occurred before her death. not as a result of the gun, et cetera. so those are all very important pieces of evidence that should have been better-investigated, better-ruled out right at the outset. >> but even with those pieces of evidence, not an easy prosecution. >> in particular because they didn't treat it like a homicide. let's assume they believe the pieces of evidence, you have the problem that early on evidence wasn't collected in a way that
7:35 am
suggested a had thomicide. evidence was lost as a result. and even if thing the prosecution should happen, it's going to be a tough case. >> thanks very much. and now the mystery right in the middle of new york city. a baby bear found dead in central park. now the question everyone wants answered, how did the cub get there? abc's gio benitez has that story for us. >> reporter: a mystery in one of the nation east most-beloved parks. right there in the middle of the park, police investigating a body, and the victim, unusual for new york city -- >> i was walking out of the park with a friend of mine. we go to the park with the dogs. her dog spotted something. >> reporter: that something, a three-foot tall black bear cub. it's home to animals, bats, birds and squirrels.
7:36 am
but bears haven't been seen here in 400 years. >> we're nearing the hibernation period. bears in some areas where they're not finding the normal amounts of food would expand their range. >> reporter: across the country, bears everywhere, from swimming pools to golf courses. out in force before winter hibernation. but a bear in the big city? how did it get there? that's the mystery. no local zoos are reporting a missing bear. and state laws prohibit them as pets. and the nearest bear-friendly hear areas, new jersey, or 50 miles north in upstate new york. >> i thought it was a big dog, head of a dog that was obviously dead. >> reporter: this morning, authorities are on the case. investigating just what happened to that little cub. for now, how it was killed and who was behind it remain a mystery. for "good morning america," gio benitez, abc news, new york. >> and hopefully we'll get answers. very strange one. time again for the weather.
7:37 am
and the rain is a coming, isn't it? >> this is not strange. something to prepare for. the timing of the rain and thunderstorms some of them could be severe. the low slips on. and it's here tuesday afternoon, stop the clock. western pennsylvania, parts of west virginia. and really the overnight hours on the coasts, philadelphia, new york city. rum blers ra s waking you up ea wednesday. and could have damaging wind and hail. then behind it, another reinforcing shot of cold air. wakeup temperatures in the 30s >> mostly cloudy skies, good morning, washington, 63 degrees right now with showers returning late all that weather brought to you by mastercard.
7:38 am
and in central park, i have seen big dogs too. i would be confused at first. but then i of course -- >> ginger, thanks. coming up, another movie about to be made about jesus. has a lot of people riled up already. and also ahead, is craving your morning coffee genetic? >> people want to know about that. and teresa giudice speaking out bout prison. what she's most worried about. a. what she's most worried about. to travel more we'll all do better in school. we'll have a better understanding of other cultures. i will learn to parler français. oui oui. we're not asking for much we just want one more day. "one more day" for help planning your one more day, contact mastercard concierge services or download our new app. because one more day is priceless.
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we're coming up on 7:42 with bill o'reilly's big best-seller, "killing jesus," coming to tv screens. the cast was announced, and he is promising it will break new ground. not search happy with his version of history. >> all right i'm getting mail telling me i'm going to hell. >> reporter: he's the tough-talking ratings king of fox news, but it's bill o'reilly's biggest book, turned tv movie, that's got people rile pupd. >> "killing jesus," the biggest book in the world. >> reporter: it's set to start filming this fall. kelsie graham mar, and as jesus, lebanese actor. >> traditionally jesus has been played by a white man.
7:43 am
and the fact this is a middle eastern actor is significant. >> reporter: and while nat-geo turned others into tv ratings gold, some say "killing jesus" may be a different story. >> i don't pro claim him to be the messiah. >> reporter: some say it's about the man, not the messiah. some evangelicals upset with that. >> it's hard not to bring faith into the picture. >> reporter: some say the historical spin could kill ratings too. look at recent biblical movies and tv shows, more religion means more eyeballs. the russell crowe blockbuster, "no "noah" made about $100 million
7:44 am
domestically. and the passion of the christ, it grossed more than $300 million just in the u.s. but there's a lot of buzz for "killing jesus." just to give how much they're banking on this, 171 countries, 45 languages. it premiers 2015. but to be clear, this is not the gospel according to bill. >> thank you. >> thanks for clearing that up there, appreciate that. coming up, american idol clay aiken is no stranger to competition, but can he pull off a political upset and head to congress? >> and saturday night live is under fire and accused of stealing. why one troupe is claiming this tina turner skit was theirs first. finally get in shape. not to be focusing, again, on my moderate to severe chronic plaque psoriasis. so i finally made a decision to talk
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e ♪ now to "saturday night live," taking heat this morning. one of the skits this past weekend was a little too familiar for members of one well-known improve company who claimed the idea was made up. t.j. holmes has it this morning in the social square. >> it's appropriate i'm in the social square. this is blowing up in social media. they are accusing snl of stealing the skits for years. now the latest example was saturday night. prompting comedians to tell snl,
7:49 am
get your own tina turner jokes. >> i need to keep this fun. >> reporter: this morning, saturday night live under fire. critics saying the idea for this weekend's sketch about tina turner impersonators is taken straight from the l.a. improve company the groundlings. here's the sketch, and here's the sketch they have been performing for weeks. with tribute acts singing proud mary in a lounge. both with personal anecdotes from the singers. boat with the spiky wigs and red, sequinned dresses. >> it was a little bit longer five pounds ago. >> reporter: now a teacher is speaking out, asking to share the photo comparing the characters side by side. complaining that snl has lifted many sketches, nearly verbatim. >> this was taken from one theater and put on national
7:50 am
television without compensation and no credit. >> i burnt that bridge to the ground. >> reporter: neither snl or silverman is commenting. but one of the women who starred in the sketch said she was initially surprised by the similarities, but bears in ill will to the show. and one of the argument in snl's defense, tina turner, iconic figure, any similarities are just a coincidence. you be the judge. >> i don't know. >> i don't know, t.j. >> imitation is the highest form of flattery. >> yeah, but not when it's on tv. that's the difference. especially when you're supposed to be a ground-breaker. >> i think we need to go to the -- >> allegedly. but coming up on "gma." another big night of drama on "dancing with the stars." alfonso turning back the clock with the carlton. and the booted couple is here live. and what real housewives
7:51 am
teresa giudice is saying as she gets ready to go to prison. and hilary duff is here. >> and tyra banks is here too on this tuesday morning. come on back. i was out for a bike ride. i didn't think i'd have a heart attack. but i did.
7:52 am
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>> good morning, everyone. happy tuesday. let's get right to jack in the wtop traffic center. things did not look pretty, are they looking any better? >> it is monday, for pete's sake. on georgetown road we have a crash down to 355. hopefully everything has moved off to the shoulder. we had some very slow traffic along route one in beltsville. long-standing water main break on montgomery road, only the left lane is getting by.
7:57 am
good news is that the falls church 50 eastbound from wayne been cleared.has northbound before eastern avenue , sounds like activity has been cleared from the right brain. is there a good forecast on tap? >> not bad. sunny breaks around the cloud with, kind of easy southwest wind at 15 miles per hour. the showers moved through this morning when the second wave coming from west virginia. most of that stays around until after sunset. to sunnye giving way breaks with showers returning late and in the mid to upper 70's. there could be more showers this evening with clearing skies after midnight. >> cannot wait. thank you so much, jacqui. police are investigating a deadly overnight shooting in southeast d.c.. police have not released the suspect description.
7:58 am
aws channel eight will have full report on this in just a few minutes. in the meantime, thanks for watching, another update at 8:27. take care.
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m., and a bitter taste of reality for real housewives star, teresa giudice, behind bars this morning. and trending huge overnight. ♪ it's not unusual alfonso brings belle heir to the ballroom, debuting the carlton on "dancing with the stars" and has everyone on their feet. and the new science behind those coffee cravings. the real reason why you need that morning brew. and super star hilary duff here right now, making her big return to music after seven years. as we say -- >> good morning, america.
8:01 am
and look who's live in times square right now. hilary duff. as amy said, returning to music for the first time in seven years. got a brand new single, "all about you." cannot wait to hear it. >> and we will. ask it is getting heated over "men's health," the magazine, facing backlash for suggest tag women see sports differently than men. and how to talk to them about it. the reaction fast and furious. mr. man, tell me about -- >> i know women who know sports better than men, easily. >> and the post was -- it was written by a woman. but still -- >> and they took it down. >> we're going to talk about it in the heat index. you'll see why. >> another way to get in trouble for the things we didn't do.
8:02 am
what a nooins night on "dancing with the stars." unfortunately, it was the end of the road for betsey and tony. but they flew all night after being in the ballroom. get their reaction to that big night of drama. >> still the nice smiles. news from amy first. we begin ant latest on the ebola outbreak, two patients fighting on american soil. thomas eric duncan is being treated with an experimental drug after taking a turn for the worse at a dallas hospital. it's unclear if ashoka mukpo will get experimental drugs as well. he was cleaning a car in liberia. ask a nurse is the first to get it outside of africa. and president obama saying they will boost airport screenings for ebola. no word what they will entail. and now to the enterovirus causing concern across the country. the school mate of the new
8:03 am
jersey boy, the first official fatality from the virus is struggling to recover from what could be the same disease. he's in the hospital four days and not out of the woods yet. his family waiting for test results. >> there's no more symptoms of cold. but having trouble with breathing still. he's gasping for air. >> her son and the little boy who died shared a preschool classroom. and the dangers of smoking marijuana. the 20-year study found pot can seriously damage your mental health and doubles your risk of getting into a car crash. the cell phone video from indiana is at the center of a police brutality lawsuit. police break a car window, then taser the man in the passenger seat. he had allegedly refused to get out of the car after saying he didn't have his i.d. police had stopped the driver for not wearing a seat belt. well now to a pop star entering politics. former american idol runner up,
8:04 am
clay aiken, took the stage for his first debate in the run for congress in north carolina. reena ninan shows us what happened. >> reporter: clay aiken is no stranger to competition. the 39-year-old taking to a different stage. the crooner turned hopeful congressman going head to head with the incumbent. >> mr. aiken is incorrect in that. >> i'm going to keep interrupting. >> reporter: boast accusing the other's party for the dysfunction in washington. >> please do your job. just do your job. >> reporter: elmer's even taking a jab at the former idol's celebrity status. >> it's almost as if as an entertainer you believe you can go in with a song and dance and change the minds of our military leaders. >> reporter: something she's done in the past. >> he didn't even fare all that well. he was runner up.
8:05 am
>> oh, snap. >> reporter: aiken, considered the long-time underdog seemingly holding his own. >> but the most embarrassing reality show in the country ask congress. >> it's a tough race. a democrat in this district, he's made the best out of a tough situation. >> reporter: but the race to the polls might still be an uphill battle. for "good morning america," reena ninan, abc news, new york. >> and finally, the first lady on a mission to help female veterans making that tough transition back into civilian life. michelle obama is appearing on the cover of next month's "redbook," spreading the message of the plight of women returning home after serving in the military. meeting with five veterans with the challenges they face finding work. their unemployment rate, 11%, is higher than their civilian counter parts and higher than male veterans. the first lady says to seek out female vets and support them and hopefully hire them.
8:06 am
>> important to hire all the vet returning from iraq and afghanistan. robin is in the social square. >> and on the "gma morning menu," can't get enough of this, alfonso, breaking out with the carlton. and the former co-star there. love the jacket, hillary. love it, love it, hilary duff. for first new single in seven years. answering your questions on twitter. tyra banks, revealing how to take control of your own life. and the life out here in times square, tony and betsey. you can't leave, no. all will be revealed. ♪ it is a great morning. latte or au lait?
8:07 am
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8:11 am
granola, raisens, peanuts, grape and popcorn. not to mention the riend. >> that as well. very tasty. >> it is tasty. >> how do you like that as an intro? >> i'll take what i can get, george. but that's off to "what's pop'n," everybody. and it happened. carlton did the carlton. "dancing with the stars" competitor alfonso ribeiro faga fans on what they wanted on one of the most memorable "dancing with the stars" ever. breaking out the movies from the fresh prince "fresh prince of ." and he did it as a gift to the fans out there. and it was a huge hit, scoring four perfect tens. his fresh prince co-star was there cheering him on. and at end, every dancer was doing the carlton. trying. >> everybody watching was doing the carlton.
8:12 am
he really gets his hips into it. it was amazing. >> everything. >> hurts me to watch. i don't think i can pull that off. >> yeah. i had to see the chiropractor after last night. before i got here this morning. big names in for a major wakeup call, has in #wakeupcall. raising money for unicef. snap shots when they wake up, and are you worried about this, robin? >> i am. >> and it was launched by the unicef founder and others got on board. and hugh grant stepped up too. but looks like he goes to bed full on stage makeup. look at that. this is just the beginning. lena dunham and others have been nominated. >> here's mine. >> you can't take the picture covering your face. >> i can have someone else take it. >> would you be willing to do
8:13 am
that? >> sure. >> george. i think we could take a picture of you when you were 12 and he looks just like that. a 12-year-old -- george just coming out for the first time like right now. george, you will never change, my friend. >> he's got your number. >> i love him. >> and this is just -- this last one, the ticket to kicking off on the high note. i know pandas are a win in "pop news." lara taught us that. but today i'm all about the kangaroos. specifically this epic video. this is going crazy online. look at these two. facing off, it's in australia, on the streets, couldn't keep it in the house. and -- >> oh! >> and don't worry, we tried to interview them, but they didn't to want tell us what they were fighting about. what the battle was about. >> oh, my -- >> man. >> just like you like. it's just a snippet. at home, check it out. it goes for a good five minutes.
8:14 am
>> who wins? >> you couldn't tell. it was like moving the cups, switching sides. couldn't tell which one was which by the end. >> strangest twist ever on the cute puppy video. >> right, rock 'em, sock 'em robots. >> that's "pop news." >> thank you for that. "heat index" coming up. and ginger with the weather. >> and hello to my friends from houston, texas. your name? >> delores? >> one of four sisters just celebrating in the city with a cool sign. check out seattle. monday, tieing a record at 78. today is cooler and progressively cooler through the week. it's hot and dry in parts of california. sacramento, today, 94. reno, 85. and watch this. talking about the storm, simon, bringing air to the southwest. tuesday into wednesday. and along the cold front, flash flooding, missouri into southern illinois.
8:15 am
even western kentucky. and in new collect sticking with the mashnt missions right now, >> taken with a current conditions right now, after sundown hundred rooms will be coming through, skies will clear in after midnight and it should there >> you have a good wave. you have a really good wave. this woman from louisiana is awesome. let's get in there. >> she does. she's excited this morning. kick off the heath i think deks right now. an article trending big in the wall street journal. it's how peek make decisions. two different kinds of people, maximizers and satisfiers.
8:16 am
maximizers weigh the options, look at every angle. satisfiers prefer to decide quickly. a decision that's good enough. and both sides end up making good decisions, but satisfiers tend to be happier. they don't look back. >> maybe go with their gut. say this is fine. you got it. >> it's not going to be perfect. >> i can do that. like with amber. she had to see 100 apartments before picking one. i saw two, picked the first one. >> i'm a satisficer. >> she's a maximizer. it's time to shut this one down. >> we to want hear from you. are you a maximizer? >> and the other one? >> a satificer. tweet us, #socialsquare. and kwn men's health," the
8:17 am
secrets to talking sports with any woman. suggesting that women care more about story lines than stats. emphasizing the heroism off the field will pique a women's with -- interest in the game. many are saying it stereotypes women. they were saying that it wasn't meant to suggest that women are in any way inferior to men in sports or anything else. we're sorry that it did. we reached out for comment and haven't heard back. >> inferior because of story lines? >> no, i think what it suggests. that you have to talk down to a woman when it comes to sports. nascar, nfl, all the major sports, there is -- there are so many women who are into it. not just for the story lines. they know the stats. they thought it was a little condescending. but the fact it was written by a woman. >> you think i dare to speak sports on that program? >> the authority, right here. >> yes.
8:18 am
that's very good. well, we are all here ud to getting up early. and for some of that, we often need a serious caffeine kick during the day. but a new study showing that our coffee consumption might not be just based on who's sleepy, but have to do with our genetic makeup. researchers are identifying specific genes that affect the brain, and process caffeine, and making it for attractive to those who carry the gene. >> i do. >> tweet us #socialsquare. you don't drink coffee? >> no. >> you don't have the gene. >> i don't. next on the "heat index." last night, they were inspired by the celebrity's most memorable years. we saw memorable dances. but good-bye to one couple. take a look. >> on this fourth week of
8:19 am
competition, the couple leaving right now is betsey and tony. ♪ >> oh! >> all right, betsey and tony, come on out. you traveled all night to be with us here. oh! oh. hey. love your spirit. love your spirit. >> oh, boy. >> tony, always good to have you here. >> my spirit -- >> come on. it's still intact. 1975 -- >> yeah. >> 1975 was a year that you selected because of your daughter, lulu. >> oh, yeah. >> what kind of inspiration? >> she's still crying? en. >> she has a wonderful family. such a great relationship with them. they truly adore each other. >> she didn't to want see you go. >> no. >> but she was there for you. >> yeah, came every single week. >> we loved your moves. this hand stand. >> oh, i know. >> show it again for everybody. >> i was getting a little risky
8:20 am
there, george. >> ribs. we don't to want ask me to breathe. >> she had an injury from the previous week that she never complained about. but we danced as hard as we could the entire week. she was a trouper, never complained. it was fun. it was an incredible experience. for me, it was rewarding, i got to work with betsey johnson. but i was able to give her a makeover at the same time. >> really? >> yeah. every week i designed her distress, i designed her hair, her makeup. every week. >> talk about that, so you didn't design all of your own outfits? >> only the first one. where i really failed. then tony said, okay, i'm doing it from here on. >> great. >> but you still had a flair to it. looked like it could have been yours. >> yeah, that's the thing. you have to take the person into consideration when designed for them. for me, it was more about
8:21 am
showing her inner beauty in the outer,i i guess, way. >> oh, my -- >> tony -- do you have pink boa on you? >> i do. they changed it. >> everybody that's wearing the boas here. because that's -- that's your calling card now. >> my kids actually asked me for it. can you bring the boa home. i was like, no. >> i'm making a t-shirt-f, to the dot, dot, dot, the boa. >> thanks for the dots. >> i love tony's reaction. >> the thing is, every day has been like this. it has been fun. >> who's going to win it, do you think? >> i think it's going to be between janel and alfonso. honestly. we have so many great dancers in the season. really, if anybody wins, it's a good thing. but those two are the ones to watch. and bethany, i thought she came into her own.
8:22 am
lea, fantastic. beautiful. and i think a fan-favorite, believe it or not, i think tommy chu is going to go far. >> he is. >> but i think this is a great competitive season. it's very entertaining from the beginning to the end. every week, who's going home this week. we were shocked. >> we were sorry to see you go this week. >> so were we. >> highly entertaining. and switch up next week. >> yeah. >> oh, i know how that went last year. >> yeah, thanks. >> find out the new pairs monday night, 8:00/7:00 central on abc. thank you two. >> i'm happy i missed the switch. >> she didn't want to switch. >> that's sweet, betsey. >> thank you. >> thank you, guys. and time for the morning stir. and real housewives opening up about facing time in federal prison. and debra has more from her.
8:23 am
>> reporter: she's a reality star who's known for high drama and high fashion. but teresa giudice is going to be sporting a jump suit. she will be behind bars. >> i think about my daughters. >> reporter: getting emotional on bravo, speak out publicly for the first time since learning they will be heading to prison. >> what depresses me is not being there for my daughters. i can't imagine not being there. i'm their mom. they need me. >> reporter: on thursday, teresa being sentenced to 15 months in federal prison. joe to 3.5 years after they pled guilty in march to multiple counts of fraud. and in joe's case, failing to file tax returns. >> when you pled guilty, did you think that teresa would get jail
8:24 am
time? >> no. >> you didn't. >> no. >> that's why you pled guilty? >> yeah. >> reporter: teresa saying she needs to learn from her mistakes. >> i need to understand things before i sign them. i'm a trust worthy person. and sometimes i take what other people say and i just believe them and i trust them. and i can't do that anymore. >> reporter: the real housewives of new jersey star facing a spark starker reality. she begins her jail time in january. and "orange is the new black," the inspiration of the hit show, knows firsthand the kind of life teresa can expect behind bars. >> my best advice to anyone being sent to prison is that they do everything they can to prepare their family for the separation. especially their kids. and most women are moms in prison. and a lot of women are moms of very young children. >> reporter: she says the
8:25 am
visiting room is the most important room in any prison. so where teresa ends up may impact how much she cease her family. >> in a minimum security, you can interact with your family, sit with them at a card table during the visit. visits may be as short as an hour, a couple precious hours if it's not a busy day. >> reporter: those visits something she is counting on. >> i want to talk to my daughters every day. i want him to bring my daughters to me. >> reporter: teresa's new reality may be jar. it's unlikely she's going to a nearby connecticut prison closer to her family since that is transitioning into a male facility. so she may be further from her children in new jersey. it's a big deal. >> it's a huge deal. >> sounds like a privilege, but it's not. >> i spent the day with her and joe, and that was the biggest concern. to be far away from her
8:26 am
children. that predicts how well people come out of prison and transition back into reality. >> that's what the experts say. it is supremely important. it's hard on the children as well. no matter what -- gooe due chee -- >> the american or italian pro nunsuation. >> exactly. stay tuned. and coming up next, super model and ceo tyra banks here live revealing her tips to making you a more powerful woman.
8:27 am
morning, it is now included 17. we are in the traffic center, first it has been a rough and so far. the waterling with main break on montgomery road. the right lane out of to is closed. along alexandria pike on king activityngoing police at this point, alexandria pike is closed. around the woodrow wilson bridge, the newest activity occurred in the local lanes on the left side of the roadway. this has caused the delays to get into the wood -- woodrow
8:28 am
wilson bridge. the forecast, is that the sun coming up? >> yes, but it will be going back away. enjoy the dry spell, later in the day, 60 degrees as the temperature on the southwest, little disturbances moving around the upper low, making it through the mountains by midday. most of the rest as he rain showers after the sun goes down. mid to upper 70's. >> thank you. we want to get you to a story that is happening right now. the stolen school bus, news chopper seven flew up over the lot where it was taken this morning. 870 four has front-end damage and a rear elevator ramp -- eight 74 has front-end damage and a rear elevator ramp problem. hope to see you then.
8:29 am
here's an idea. start shopping a new way. start maximizing. at the place where you alwlways get more than you pay for. t.j.maxx. brands you love, prices that work for you. maxx style. maxx savings. keep you standards high and your spending low. fashion, family, home. maxx what matters most to you. maxx life at t.j.maxx.
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♪ ♪ chasing the sun ♪ i'm chasing the sun ♪ i'm chasing the sun ♪ when we sat on the phone got to get it while our hearts are young ♪ ♪ i'm chasing the sun how pretty is that? hilary duff, "chasing the sun," first album in seven years. comeback right here on "gma." so great to have hilary duff back. and something smells really good over here. >> guess who's cooking? our good friend and country music super star, martina mcbride. the exciting new cookbook with recipes from family and friends. and the perfect meal for your
8:31 am
family's fall menu. >> she wants to steal it right now. >> i'm in there. >> robin, inside to you. i know about that. time now for more from our super star beauty. her beauty secrets. tyra banks is going to share how she went from super model to super mogul. her latest venture, his cosmetics brand, tyra beauty, she was in gla more. and she is the ceo of herself, the ceo of you. i love that. >> thank you. >> we asked women to share what they needed to become their own ceo. take a look. >> i need to be more confident. >> fearless. >> brave. >> more assertive and not let a group of men in suits stop me from sharing my ideas. >> i want to be more powerful. >> motivated. >> confident. >> decisive. >> so i can be a stronger leader and mentor for the next-generation of women. >> i need to be less critical.
8:32 am
>> courageous. >> vocal. >> proud. >> prepared. >> i don't want to be afraid to take chances. >> having confidence is sexy, and also take use to another level in life. >> i want to be more of a risk-taker to reach the maximum potential inside of me. >> ae men to that. we are so excited to have tyra with us. you have been so good to us. we have women here in the studio. they are holding up signs saying what they need for themselves. what do you hear from women over and over about that? >> i hear women talking about financial independence. they feel that they're financially dependent, or there's so many obstacles in the way of their dreams. tyra, how can i make more money? how can i be more independent? go after my dreams? >> what do you tell them? >> i tell them to have a goal. and to have tunnel vision toward that goal. and what -- me hearing that so much has made me have the base and the foundation of my
8:33 am
cosmetics company, tyra beauty, about giving women and men power. the power to be the ceo of themselves. to be their own bosses. so i've created something called beauty-tainers. they can sell tyra cosmetics. in charge of their schedules, on their time, have parties at home selling the cosmetics. do it by social. we have the top technology to do that. and i wish my mom had something like this. there were companies similar. but my mom is mip and cohip and wants something fun. i wish as a single mom she had this. teaching, having fun and making money. >> empowering women. >> give them power. >> and they have seen you all along. and they want to know, did you have your struggles? how did you become the person that you have become? >> i've had things that held me
8:34 am
back. i remember when i was a model, i struggled with my weight constantly. i had designers coming and saying we can't use you because you're too fat. i've had people -- a lot of magazines, a couple of years ago, put me on every single cover and say i was humongous. america's next top waddle. >> you handled it well. >> it hurt. and i took that power back and went on the talk show at the time and said kiss my fat -- >> we remember that. >> and even with the cosmetics line, my mascara is called smack my fat lash. and it listeengthens and thicke your lashes. which is rare for a mascara. >> you're so appreciative and want to share this with others. >> i do. i really want to share this with others. i want women to have the power. business is sometimes not fun. i'm in financial meetings.
8:35 am
i'm in accounting meetings. i'm doing so much to bring this business to women and men. but i want them to feel the fun. i'll do the sweat. they're going to work hard too, but i want them to have fun while learning. >> we had so many people reaching out on social media. don't have the time -- i was looking forward to the stroll over there. but there was one that somebody tweeted to me just moments ago. it's shawn. raising three grand kids, how can i look better when i don't have a minute to myself? >> so as a super model, when i was back in the day. i'm now retired, happily. sit in the makeup chair for an hour. and people would transform my face for an hour. i do not have time for that. i'm working, running my business, trying get my personal thing together, have a family. i don't have time. so with thyra beauty, i createda
8:36 am
tie over pillar, there's a two, four and six minute tie over. and in six minutes you can get the highlighter, eyes, lips, cheeks. and you will look fierce, grandma ma. and she will look pierce. and the great thing about it, i developed it for all skin. whether it's older, or you have pores. there's tyra technology from scientists in italy who developed it just for me, for women, all skin tones and types. don't need a lot of time. >> i like that. may i? >> oh, yes. >> what is the little moniker here? it's -- >> the eye? >> yes. >> the eye on the logo? >> yes. >> that's made after my eye. it's about smizing. smiling with your eye. >> we'll do that as we go to break. we can learn more about the tyra experiences and get her three makeup dos and don't at
8:37 am on yahoo!. now to ginger with the final check. >> do it, robin. >> you are smizing hard. i was canvassing the crowd, and saw this cute little face, rand, where are you from? >> kentucky. >> he watches us every morning. thank you. and thank you to the weather, well, probably not. not certainly in japan. they're just getting over the last typhoon now, von fong, and decreasing in intensity. leave you with a look of a couple of photos across the >> 62 degrees anna partly sunny d.c.. a nice little break in the action here. showers in the mountains likely this afternoon.
8:38 am
all that weather brought to you by bp. and look who's here. we have a brand new show on abc. "manhattan love story" an innovative new sitcom that brings a twist to the rom-come. and anna lee and jake, you are here. >> thank you. >> you look nice on this morning. so the show has a lot of embarrassing or awkward moments between the characters. >> yeah. >> you're wondering if you can identify with this and have anything we can get in on? >> i think everybody can identify with awkward moments. it's awkward to shoot the show with the voiceovers. you can hear what we're thinking. shooting on set, you cannot say anything. there's awkward, long pauses that we have to get used to. and we've done okay, right? >> yeah. the other day, we were out here in times square, and had signs kind of promoting the show.
8:39 am
and that was awkward. walking through manhattan with signs. >> you're projecting awkwardness. >> and live tweeting -- >> and tonight again for the show. >> tonight is when it happens. tuesday nights, "manhattan love story," something you can catch on abc, 8:30, 7:30 central. >> we're just going stand up. you were saying that was one of your -- >> annalee was one of my models on america's next top model. she won the acting challenge. i said irgoing to be a super actor. proud of her. >> it's the aura of tyra banks. proud of her. >> it's the aura of tyra banks. and martina
8:40 am
8:41 am
8:42 am
according to her twitter feed, my friend here, martina mcbride is a wife, mother, decorator, cook, party thrower, singer, producer, writer and musician. we have the proof here for the last two. her latest album, "ever lasting," debuted at number one. and the first ever book, "around the table," it's on sale right now. please welcome martina mcbride. there is a little bit of everything in this book. what made you want to do this? >> i love to entertain at home, love to have people over and love to cook. and i wanted to write a book that took the intimidation out
8:43 am
of it. people are intimidated to entertain, your house is never right, mess something up. so i wanted to -- there are ten parties in the book. and a lot of tips and how-tos and decorating ideas. >> and you're going to have a book-signing here? >> a couple of them. barnes and noble today. >> be sure to check it out. "everlasting," tell me about the tour a little bit. people are going crazy about this. >> the tour is so much fun. >> r and b. >> a horn section and amazing background singers. we have some movies. simple movies. it's visually entertain, musical, so fun. having a blast. >> that's one way to entertain. this is another way, this is your hubby, john's, favorite. short ribs? >> yes. >> tell us about it. >> eight pounds of short ribs here and make a brine, water,
8:44 am
brown sugar, salt, these vegetables, garlic, sellry, carr carrots, and let it cool completely. the short ribs in there, overnight. >> it takes time, but it's worth it. tlc. >> yes. these have been brined. and brown them in a dutch oven. >> oh. >> until they're nice and brown on -- you put a little bacon fat in here. >> bacon, bacon. >> you can't go wrong with bacon and butter. >> no wonder john loves it so much. >> exactly. >> what are the sides? >> i make these really amazing mashed potatoes. or you can do poe less than that. and roasted vegetables. mix up this, onion, carrot, celery. pour beef broth in there. a little red wine. >> this is how you do it. pour it in. >> there you do it. >> we're going to get you your own cooking show before you know
8:45 am
it. >> pour the wine in. >> that's wine? >> that's wine. >> whoa. >> save a little glass for yourself while you're doing it. >> that's right. >> put the short ribs in here and then cover it -- >> i can smell it. >> cover them and put them in the obvious. these are the brown abundance put them in here. should i put them in here? >> where's amy? she's going to love it. >> put them in there. and cover them and poput them i oven four hours. >> it's a little bit of time. as kids we boiled the vegetables. and then steamed and now roast. >> a little bit of garlic, zucchini, carrots, tomatoes, rosemary. so healthy. >> and then a side salad? >> this is from the fall supper chapter. this is from my tuscan chapter. i have two friends from tuscany come to the house and help me
8:46 am
create this menu. this is a panizella salad. >> did someone say there's food here? >> these are dishes from your friends from tuscany. >> salad, butternut squash ravioli and tooeira misu. >> we have been waiting for this. >> this is good. it's like butter. >> thank you, martina. and her new book, "around the table" is on sale now, and her number one album, "everlasting," and you can get more on on yahoo!. where's the book signing? >> barnes and noble. >> that's the book signing. hilary duff is here live,
8:47 am
8:48 am
. and we are back now with hilary duff here with new music after a seven-year break.
8:49 am
thanks for doing this on "gma." appreciate it. >> great to be back. >> a lot is happening in your life. raising a little boy. how has that changed your music? >> i'm not sure having luca has changed the music, but taking the seven-year break. having life experiences and growing. i definitely had different material to write about and things i have gone through. and my confidence level changed. maybe from becoming a mother. just taking a break from the industry, you know? >> now that you're back, and your fans have tons of questions coming in. brianna on twitter wanted to know, are you doing concerts? >> oh, my gosh. that's what i can't wait for. hopefully in february. i don't want to say too much about that. but i'll be finished shooting my show around december. and i think i'll take a little break and prepare a tour and go out on the road. >> tell us about the show, "younger" on tvland, a comedy? >> so much fun filming it.
8:50 am
it's so much fun. we're having a good time and it's wild. shooting crazy stuff. but i think we'll keep a lot of people entertained. >> now the new single is called "all about you." let's hear it. >> thank you. ♪ ♪ hey ♪ you could be my dirty secret ♪ i could be yours ♪ it could only be a rumor ♪ never be sure ♪ you could meet me in the backseat ♪ ♪ late night ♪ or take it up in first class ♪ mile high ♪ cause hey baby baby you got me so so good ♪ ♪ hey baby baby i got it so, so bad ♪ ♪ think you're all about met but i'm all about you ♪ ♪ turn the lights down let me show you it's true ♪
8:51 am
get get a little taste of what i'm into ♪ ♪ think you're all about me but i'm all about you ♪ ♪ yeah ♪ you, yeah ♪ i don't wanna keep a secret ♪ this is more than just a little tng ♪ ♪ baby for sure ♪ i can't wait until the next time we neat ♪ ♪ ghana kiss yousz in the daylight ♪ ♪ out on the beach ♪ cause hey baby baby you got me so ♪ ♪ so good ♪ hey baby baby i got it so bad ♪ ♪ think you're all about me but i'm all about you ♪ ♪ turn the lights down let me show you it's true ♪ ♪ get a little taste of what i'm into ♪ ♪ think you're all about me but i'm all about you yeah ♪ ♪ think you're all me but i'm all about you ♪ ♪ you yeah ♪ think you're all about me but i'm all about you ♪
8:52 am
♪ midnight eyes ♪ oh you came as a surprise ♪ you were right on time ♪ think you're all about me but i'm all about you ♪ ♪ hey ♪ think you're all about me but i'm all about you ♪ ♪ hey ♪ think you're all about me but i'm about you ♪ ♪ think you're all about me but i'm all about you ♪ ♪ turn the lights out let me show you it's true ♪ ♪ get a little taste of what i'm into ♪ ♪ think you're all about me but i'm all about you ♪ ♪ yeah you, yeah ♪ ♪ ♪ think you're all about me but i'm all about you ♪ ♪ think you're all about me but i'm all about you ♪ ♪ [ cheers and applause ]
8:53 am
8:54 am
8:55 am
tomorrow, it's robertdowny jr. then it's steve carell, and jesse j burning up the morning. only on abc's. >> good morning, america. ♪ ♪ think you're all about me but i'm all about you ♪
8:56 am
and how about the star power today with hilary duff? thank you. >> thank you. >> tomorrow, robert downey jr. live. >> have a great day, everyone. >> good morning, it is now 8:50
8:57 am
six on this tuesday and it has not been a good morning traffic wise. let's get right over to jack taylor. any news? >> no. around the woodrow wilson bridge the accident had been in the local lanes with delays stretching back to branch avenue. the newest problem will be there for a while, 198 at 197, upwards of close to one dozen vehicles were involved and the couple were overturned. you will find yourself under police direction. randolph road, a crash has the right lane getting by. southbound on route one the water main break still has the left lane getting by. be better,t has to right? >> we actually need the rain, so no complaining. doppler seven is showing you a clean sweep across the metro area with showers west of interstate 81, a few showers possible in the mountains at midday, but the rest of us will
8:58 am
have to wait until after sundown. 50 two degrees is the temperature out of the south with cloud cover and breaks and sunshine, temperatures make it into the mid to upper 70's with showers and thunderstorms likely later tonight. >> you may want to grab a red umbrella today to show your nattitude. tonight there is another do or die game for the washington nationals. the good news is they beat the giants 4-1 in game three last night, but they have got to do it again, hold giants at a if they want to keep their playoff hopes alive. be sure to stay with us at noon, we are live in san francisco with the latest. thank you so much for watching, we will
8:59 am
9:00 am
announcer: it's "live with kelly and michael." today, star of the hit series "c.s.i.," ted danson. and country star martina mcbride serves up one of her favorite fall desserts. plus, performing her latest hit, larue. all next on "live." [captioning made possible by isney-abc domestic television] announcer: now here are kelly ipa and michael strahan! [cheers and applause]


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